Apple iPad event (Live updates)

Check below to see the latest update from Apple’s latest iPad event. (Refresh page to update).

19.24 – 84 minutes, a new Apple TV and the new iPad. That’s it folks. Thanks for reading.

19.21 – Tim Cook being boastful again; “We have redefined yet again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad.”

19.20 – iPad 2 will still be sold but with the same price drop that the original iPad had when the 2 came out.

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iPad 3 cometh to us on March 7th?

The rumours have been flying around for quite a while now, retina display, quad-core processor and an improvement on the iPad 2 camera disappointment are amongst many of the iPad 3 speculation specs.

Apple have sent out invites to its next media event, which, judging by the picture, will be revealing its latest iPad family member. Wednesday 7th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

Check back here soon after the event for full iPad gossip!



Source: Engadget

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Top 3 mobile phones of 2011

Top 3 mobile phones of 2011

All you need to know about the top 3 ‘multi-media’ devices of the year, from the touch screen, to the talking mobile secretary.

Mobile phones are one of the fastest developing technologies of our age. We are always excited about what the new device will be able to do/cope with. Remember when the ‘Blokia 33 tonne‘ came out? All we needed was the capability to text without an extruding antennae and to play snake on a phone that had up to 3 days battery life!

Today it is just the same, we yearn for bright coloured screens, high mega pixel cameras and a juicy data package. So here we go, lets get you up to date on the latest app filled sandwiches.

1. iPhone 4s

3 white iPhones with pictures of siri app on there screen
iPhone 4s with Siri ©

The iPhone 4s is one of the most recent Smart Phones on the market. Released on the 14th October this year, it comes equipped with Apple’s latest A5 dual-core 1GHz processor. Although Apple keeps its RAM a secret for some reason, some nice gadget lovers have torn the iPhone 4s apart to discover the 512MB of RAM squashed inside the 9.33mm thick device.

Connecting to wireless devices, bluetooth devices, and using GPS is nothing new for the iPhone series. So of course, the iPhone 4s does have all these features. Integrating the GPS with the map app has been done smoothly, despite the lack of voice navigation. Although Apples App Store has proven a useful source for apps such as TomTom to make up for iOS 5’s lack of.

On the topic of iOS 5 (the latest software for Apple’s iDevices), what we have here is a simple, easy to use operating system. With built in programs such as siri and reminders, you’ll never forget an appointment again. And making the appointment is as simple as talking to your phone.

With UK prices starting at £41 a month for a free iPhone 4s 16GB on a 24 month contract, it’s steep but a must have super machine.

2. Nokia Lumia 800

3 nokia lumias leaning on each other
Nokia Lumia © Informania

Nokia have come a long way from it’s phone changing antennae-less designs. After keeping themselves relevantly quiet for a few years, Nokia signed a deal with software monsters, Microsoft.

Its new device the Nokia Lumia 800 is its first mobile running the latest Windows 7.5 Mango OS. A huge step for Nokia as they finally reach out to the higher end of the market, while still keeping the prices in the more affordable area.

With its 8 mega-pixel Carl Zeiss lens and 16GB of on board memory, the Lumia is a safe bet for those who don’t like to carry around three separate gadgets. There’s enough space to store all your music and HD videos.

Like the iPhone 4S, it comes with all the latest features you’d expect from a smart phone, while also bringing a classy slick design to the comfort of your hand. A must have for Nokia fans and Windows lovers.

3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

3 phones, front, back, and side
Samsung Galaxy Nexus ©Engadget


Samsung have done well here in grabbing this deal with Google. The first phone to carry the Android 4.o OS, it comes packed with all the juicy hardware you’d expect. The 1.2GHz dual-core processor and the 1GB RAM is the perfect blend for the new Android OS and 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED screen.

If you want a phone that has one of the better battery lives, a nippy OS thats optimised for the phone, and full HD filming, then this phone is definitely for you. Released shortly after the iPhone 4S, may have been a smart move from Google and Samsung, as the press moved swiftly from the iPhone 4S release to this new Ice Scream Sandwhich, mmm tasty!

The Samsung Galaxy nexus can be acquired for free on a 24x£36 a month contract.

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Mobile phones have a big future ahead of them.

Andrew McSweeney has just written an interesting little blog post about the advances of mobile technology. What we will use it for, how soon that will happen etc. Check it out in the source link below, it is a good read!


Source: Andrew McSweeney Blog

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 was rubbish with Android 2.1 (Video)

The Xperia X8 is an OK mobile phone. However, it is not running at its full potential.

The phone comes with Android 2.1 pre-installed (if your lucky). I decided the slow touch response, and lack of ‘pinch-to-zoom’, was getting to frustrating for my day to day use of a phone. After some web browsing, and a couple of very painful hours, I managed to upgrade the Xperia X8 to Android version 2.3.5 (Gingerbread).

Because of this upgrade I can now enjoy a quick responsive phone that has the features it should have been released with.

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The Lion will roar today…

I think we all know what’s coming today.

The Apple store is down. Rumours have been leading to this date.

We can be pretty sure that Apple will be releasing OSX Lion today. The latest operating system in the OSX line-up with 250 new features ready to to be downloaded straight to our macs fromt he Mac App Store.

It has also been suggested that a new model of MacBook Air will be released at exactly the same time. Perfect timing to promote OSX Lion.

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Piracy – what’s going on?!


There are two main types of piracy that occur in todays society; DVD copying, and downloading straight from the internet. The most used is the internet, as it is easier for you to simply download movies, games and software safe in your room at home rather than snooping around in a market like a rat!

I’ll say a little bit about DVD’s; These will normally cost people to get, but at a very very low cost. Its usually pretty obvious if someone is trying to sell you a pirate copy DVD. The cover will be distorted, bad quality, and when you watch the DVD, it will probably be glitchy or a bad hand held camera recording. Basically you get what you pay for!

Now internet downloading, thats where its all happening these days. Thanks to a man named Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent protocol. Basically, he created a file sharing program, that uses peer to peer technology, meaning that when you download something, you are grabbing bits of the download from many other different peoples computers that are close to you, therefore making it much faster to download, this means that the websites hosting these links for downloads, aren’t supplying the file itself! Also making it very difficult for the money making industries to sue (Sue sounds like a powerful woman!) the website, as they aren’t really doing much wrong, more about that later!

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